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Allied Armies in Italy Joined for Drive North


"From the air the shattered town of Cassino was little more than a name on the map. After six months of savage battle for this key bastion on the road to Rome, now allied bombers strike deep behind Nazi lines, confusing the enemy's transport and foreshadowing a new allied drive north of Rome Bombs its two important bridges. The heaviest allied barrage of the war precedes a dawn attack. British motorized horses plunged forward in the final battle for Cassino with vital aid from French and Polish troops. They have encircled Cassino, cutting it off from the main German army's. The whole Cassino sector is battered with bomb and shell craters testifying to the fury of the action and this embattled area. The first prisoners streamed to the rare ball shaped helmets identify them as parachutists, so-called green devils. Members of the German first parachute division. Along Italy's west coast near Gaeta, where the bulk of the fifth army has been suddenly shifted. A second phase of the campaign flares into action. Driving through Montano, Santa Maria Infante and Terminal eight, U.S. Infantry moves toward a junction with force of 60 miles away at Anzio. Haskell, 40, between Casino and the Sea, is captured by French units. In the most important action in which these men are fighting. France have participated. They have made a brilliant record. These are Italian refugees freed from Nazi held areas in their faces as graphically written the grim effects of fascist rule and years of war. American and allied troops do what they can to aid them. Prisoners are taken by the thousands. More than 12,000 were captured in the first two weeks. Numbed and shocked by the fury of the allied attack, they show plainly the strain of battle. These Nazis bear unmistakably the mark of utter defeat. Swiftly along the ancient Villa Catalina, the surge of allied power rose north. Whether the Nazis retreated further or choose to stand and fight. The enemy has taken his worst defeat in the entire Italian campaign. "

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