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American Women in the News (1944)

General William Shedd and Eleanor Roosevelt inspect garrisons in Puerto Rico. Mrs. MacArthur christens the Australian destroyer Bataan at an Australian shipyard.


Speaker 1: A transport plane lands in the Caribbean port. Aboard is Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, wife of the president, making the first stop in her latest tour of American Army outposts.

With General Chen commanding garrisons in the Puerto Rican theater of operations, she reveals troops on guard in the Caribbean. In Australia, this is Douglas MacArthur's wife of the allied commander in the Southwest Pacific, sponsored a new destroyer built by Australian workers.

Jean macArthur: Listen and be prepared, and may God bless you.

Speaker 1: And His Majesty's Australian ship Baton goes down the ways, dedicated to avenge the gallant fighters in the Philippines whose heroism will never be forgotten.

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