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Latest News Films From the Tunisian Battle Front


"Almost within sound of enemy guns. Allied soldiers in North Africa hold religious services before going into battle. Here amid the ruins of an ancient Roman church officers and men of all ranks British, French, American, unite in Holy Worship. Men of many nations, many creeds and many faith finding brotherhood and spiritual comfort in a land far from their homes. Like schoolboys on a holiday they inspect Africa's treasure troves of antiquity.

Discovering a swimming pool built centuries ago by the Romans. Soldiers welcome the chance to remove some of the dust and grime of the desert. The first real soap punch showers. Then it's every man dive in natural hot springs forming a swimming hole that may once have served the woman senator.

No pushing on toward Tunis and desert alive tanks and guns take up the fight. Prisoners by the hundreds are rounded up as the battle enters its final phase.Some 30,000 extra soldiers captured since the British took the Merit line. Men wearing the bra of Ronald Africa car. Amazed to learn that their leader is reported to have fled. Piling into trucks or camps behind the lines. Glad that as far as they're concerned the war is over."

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